How Sensitivity and Seamless Clothing can Benefit You

Sensitivity and seamless clothing are designed to offer comfort and functionality for those with clothing sensitivity. Sensitivity and seamless clothes are a great solution for children with sensory processing issues, hypersensitivity, or those who prefer clothing without annoying seams and tags. From socks, underwear, and undershirts, you can help your child feel comfortable and confident. 

We offer sensitivity and seamless socks for adults as well! Seamless socks reduce irritation from seams that can lead to blisters, pressure pain, and soreness, all while providing comfort and protection. Perfect for those with diabetes, clothing sensitivity, or who experience irritation and pain from seams. At Therawear, our goal is to offer the highest-quality products that keep you healthy and safe while feeling comfortable. 

See what others are saying!

"Before I came across these mornings were something I did not look forward to having a very sensitive footed child. He cannot stand seams or any kind of patterns regular socks. It was always a struggle before. These socks have been a literal godsend!" - Lisamarie T. 

"I finally found a truly seam free sock. Not being plagued by the toe stitching of every sock i've tried is amazing. This is truly life altering for anyone with issues surrounding fit and rubbing from seams." - Heather T.

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