Why Wear Compression Hose and Socks?

Support hose and socks made with graduated compression applies pressure to the ankles and gradually decreases up the legs. This graduated compression promotes better blood flow and is designed to improve circulation, prevent swelling and relieve tired, achy legs. Learn more about support hose.

Welcome to Therawear, the premiere online destination for quality products designed for the health of your legs and feet. Therawear has something for everyone to help promote health – support hose and compression socks for men and women in four levels of graduated support, maternity compression stockings, diabetic socks, as well as socks for children.

Exceeding Customer Expectations

"I have worn other more expensive brands of support hose, but becuase of the economy, I needed to find a way to save a little money. I ordered a pair of the Therafirm mild support compression stockings. My order arrived in only two days and the pantyhose are high quality. Not to mention I saved almost $20 off what I normally pay for support hosiery. Thank you Therawear!" - Joan K.

"I ordered a pair of support socks off your website and when I received the package I realized that I needed a larger size. I called and spoke to someone in customer service and they were very helpful. It was easy to ship my order back and in not time at all I had the larger size. Thanks for all your help!" - Mitch A.

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