Juzo Soft Women's 15-20 mmHg Leggings

Juzo Soft Women's 15-20 mmHg Leggings

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Put the jeans away. Leggings remain in style because they're comfortable, practical and stylish. Juzo Soft Leggings take it a step further by delivering mild compression for "on-the-go" legs.


  • Footless pantyhose
  • Body shaping and circulation
  • Comfortable non-restricting waistband
  • Ankle length legging design
  • Machine wash and dry
  • Latex free


  • Tired, achy legs
  • Occupational swelling or evening edema
  • Leg discomfort from long hours of standing or sitting
  • Prevent varicose veins and swelling during pregnancy
  • Prevent medical issues for those with risk of vein health issues
  • Reduce swelling during travel
  • Prevent DVT during travel


Brand: Juzo
Compression: 15-20 mmHg
Style: Legging
Series: Soft
Fabric Content: 73% Nylon, 27% Spandex

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