SmartKnitKIDS Seamless Sensitivity Socks

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With their seamless design, SmartKnitKIDS socks are perfect for kids with sensory processing disorder, or for those who just hate socks with seams. No seams to bug ya!


  • Truly seamless construction.
  • Soft material "Hugs" feet for a form-fitting design - reducing wrinkling & bunching.
  • Comfortable, non-binding Halo TopTM - no slipping down or irritating indentions.
  • "No heel" design - kids can put on these socks themselves & no defined heel means longer wear for growing kids.
  • Goodbye stinky feet - high-tech fibers wick away moisture ensuring a drier sock & therefore preventing stinky feet.
  • 100% USA Made.


Brand: SmartKnit
Series: Sensitivity
Fabric Content: Polyester & Lycra

Read what parents are saying about SmartKnitKIDS

These socks are lifesavers! My 5-year-old used to have a meltdown every morning because he didn't want to wear socks, claiming they had "spikes." These are the only socks he will wear now. I am going to order five more pairs. Yesenia, A., SmartKnitKIDS Parent

My 5 year old always complains that the seams on her socks hurt. Some mornings I would go through several pairs of socks before I can find a pair that she didn't complain about. I brought the therawear socks for her and she loves them! I no longer have to spend 15-20 minutes in the morning putting on and taking off socks. Thank You!! Catherine S., SmartKnitKIDS Parent

My son has autism and we have had quite a battle with socks for many years. I decided to google "sensory issue socks" and found Therawear SmartKnit Kids. I cannot express enough how much they have helped. I am ready to place another order and thought I would write. Thanks Therawear.. glad you are helping us. Corene W., SmartKnitKIDS Parent

I cannot believe that I didn't have these 3 years ago! I fight constantly with my 5 year-old about the "bump" in her socks. I get tantrums and feel helpless to make her more comfortable. I have spent tons of money on every kind of sock imaginable, but I won't buy anything else again! I love that I can buy them bigger so that we can use them as she grows. Not having that awkward heel sticking out in the back and the wonderfully comfortable toes is a blessing for us. Thanks for solving this problem and ending our daily battle! LeAnne O., SmartKnitKIDS Parent

I thought I just had a very strange child until I came upon your website in search of seamless socks. I was so happy to see all the other parents having the same issue. I ordered 3 pairs of seamless socks for my 6 year old daughter to try. She loves that they don't have seams but she still pulls them up contstantly as far as they can go. At least I don't have to deal with her every morning trying to get her socks put on. I am going to order more right away. Jen K., SmartKnitKIDS Parent

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